The Egg100 Monitoring System Officially Launched at Musikmesse 2015

Today, we are extremely proud to announce the official launch of the Egg100 Monitoring System, the latest addition to the Egg range, currently being debuted at Frankfurt Musikmesse in Germany.

The Egg100 system takes the revolutionary design of the Egg150 and houses it in a smaller chassis with a four-inch (100mm) driver. The system is designed for near-field use, and to be placed directly onto a console, desktop or any flat surface.

The speakers have been engineered to take advantage of the bass loading that the flat surface creates, with a continually adjustable frequency response helping to add up to 6dB to the sound level and, with the bass port angled and positioned as low as possible, it enables the speaker to utilise the extra bass load without creating any phase error.

The Egg100 features a custom-designed variable-tilt base for adjusting the upward angle of the listening axis and, just like the Egg150 system, comes with an external amplifier and control unit, which houses all of the power handling and controls meaning the speaker design is not compromised by heavy components or electronics.

The external amplifier also features a class-A headphone amp, which alone is worth several hundred pounds, as well as EQ and volume controls, an LED headroom indicator and power button. The system also includes two three-metre, matched Speakon cables for connecting the amplifier to the Eggs.

The Egg100 will be available from May 2015 in black, white and a stunning new red colour. The system has an MSRP of £1,299 ex VAT, and will be available to demo as part of our free seven-day loan service. Simply call us on +44 (0) 845 500 2 500 or email to register your interest.

For more information on the Egg100 Monitoring System, check out the product page here