DJ Mag Nominates EGG100 for Best Studio Monitor Award! Voting Open Now!

We're extremely excited to tell you that our EGG100 Monitoring System has been nominated for Best Studio Monitor in this year's DJ Mag Tech Awards!

Following DJ Mag's 9/10 review of the EGG100, where reviewer Mick Wilson said "...the accuracy and performance of these small monitors was truly unbelievable...", the EGGs have been nominated for the Best Studio Monitor award and are up against monitors from Funktion-One, Adam Audio, Numark and Pioneer. The MunroSonic EGG100 has been given the highest-scoring review of the monitors nominated.

We'd love to win this great award, and would be extremely grateful if you were to help us by voting for us! Voting is open now, so simply follow the link below to cast your vote on Facebook.

Click here to vote for the MunroSonic EGG100 to win the Best Studio Monitor Award