EGG150 First Listen: Engineer & Senior Lecturer Andrew Bourbon

Having been searching for some time for the right speaker for my personal studio I have recently been able to audition the new UK-built MunroSonic EGG 150 System.

From the very first moment, I knew that this updated model was going to be a serious contender. I was immediately struck by the tonal and spatial balance and stability of the EGG150, there really was no hint of ‘box’ communicated and a fantastic coherent image was presented. The other feature of the system that immediately impressed me was the nature of the top end. I tend to find some modern metal tweeters are somewhat aggressive with forward presentation, however the EGGs offered a much more open but smooth presentation synonymous with quality British speaker design.

They are fantastic at both low and high listening levels.

After the initial listening session, I was able to approach mixing, making sole use of the Eggs on a recent project with The Waletones. The only way to really evaluate a speaker is to work on it after all! I immediately felt comfortable with the speaker and was able to work without concern and regular reference checks. I really need to feel that I can just access the music through a speaker without worrying about how I may need to adjust for translation issues and this was certainly the case with the EGGs.

They are fantastic at both low and high listening levels. I tend to work relatively quietly and the new amp held up brilliantly at these low levels. The amp is really quiet - no issues at all with noise floor here - and the new EQ is a really useful tool. Being able to focus on midrange detail with the mid boost is very revealing and an incredibly useful tool. The new EQ curve works great here. The quality of the build and sound of the new amplifier is excellent, and is a really strong update from the original.

The low end performance of the speaker is also of particular note. There is a lot of information and extension in the low end of the speaker. I never found myself needing to reference other systems to know what was happening in the low end. The transient information at low frequency is really impressive and certainly seems to demonstrate control over resonance and does not suffer noticeable group delay issues to my ears as can be the case in ported boxes.

I can't wait for more people to hear the results of these excellent studio monitors.

They say the truth of the eating is in the tasting and in this case the taste is fantastic! Mix translation has been better than I have ever experienced. I get no surprises at all when checking the mixes, and am really happy with the tonal balance, control and space that I am achieving in my mixes. Two of the tracks for The Waletones’ debut EP have been mixed using the EGGs and I am really delighted by how they sound.

I would normally be nervous to use a new speaker like this on a project straight out of the box, however the trust that I immediately had with these speakers meant that I just had to keep working on them. I feel that I have the ability to make musical choices on these speakers, engaging with the work without any fear or concern. The band are delighted with the mixes, and in fact are purchasing a pair of EGGs for their own space. I can't wait for more people to hear the results of these excellent studio monitors.



Andrew Bourbon is a recording and mix engineer and composer. He is also Senior Lecturer at the London College of Music. You can follow Andrew on Twitter here.