Composer & Sound Artist Scanner Talks of his Love for the EGG150

EGG150 user Scanner (aka Robin Rimbaud) is a composer and artist whose experimental works cover an extensive array of genres ranging from sound design, avant grade and large-scale multimedia performances to rock music and jazz. We caught up with him to talk about how the EGG150 helps in creating and producing his music.

Making and recording music since the age of 11, Scanner was heavily influenced by developing technologies. Whilst at school he was introduced to the music of John Cage, and after picking up a Teac reel-to-reel as a teenager to layer sounds, his creativity flourished. With no formal musical training other than a brief stint learning piano at the age of ten, he was certain his career would be led around creativity and music, and it was only after completing his degree in Modern Arts (BA) that this dream became a reality.

"...the range of frequency response was amazing."

Sitting down to talk to us recently, Scanner explains how his music-making setup is constantly evolving. “For many years my DAW of choice was Logic, overtaken by Ableton Live in the last decade. Much of my work is digital, with a NI Kontrol keyboard running various virtual instruments.” More recently, Scanner has integrated more hardware synthesizers into his studio setup, but concludes, “it’s at heart a very simple but efficient music production system”.

Scanner was recommended by friends to try the MunroSonic EGG150 System after years of frustration using his old studio monitors. “I could monitor and physically see bass frequencies on screen but not hear them playing back over my speakers!” he exclaims.

Upon choosing the EGG150, Scanner was immediately impressed by the system’s sound. “Like the original system, which I owned, it was an immediate love. From the moment I unboxed them I was struck by their extremely original and unique design, even aesthetically they are appealing, but the range of frequency response was amazing.”

"Whether it’s classical, electronica, experimental or pop, I trust them to take care of the audio!”

Scanner describes how the EGGs promote creativity, not only by their sound but also by their appearance and build quality. “Firstly, they look great. Every person who visits the studio or sees photographic documentation comments on the shape and aesthetic. They are futuristic pods of inspiration! The build offers confidence, from the seriously substantial speaker cables to the sheer weight of the system.”

Scanner has used his EGG150 system on every project he has worked on since the day they were installed, including The Big Dance in Trafalgar Square for the UK Olympics, the soundtrack to the Sprint ‘Dream’ advert (which was screened to over two billion viewers across US cinemas), Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe for Dutch National Ballet and Live Transmission: Joy Division with Heritage Orchestra have all passed through the system.

“My output is diverse, from film scoring, ballet scores, music for advertising, through to designing sound for mobile phones, production for artists like Torres, Wrangler, Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, and so on, so I need a system that is generous, balanced and precise.”

“They don’t flatter the sound so I can feel confident that playing them out on other systems will not be a problem too which is essential when you are working on so many projects with tight deadlines. Whether it’s classical, electronica, experimental or pop, I trust them to take care of the audio!”

"...they cope extremely well with all manner of music blasted through them."

Scanner recalls a recent project that he wished he’d used the EGGs on. “I designed the sound for a massive sculptural work ORIGIN (2011) with United Visual Artists - an ambitious work that toured around the world for a year, which used an extreme range of frequencies in a complex algorithmic system that played out for several months at a time. The audience needed to feel as well as hear the sound but this was a situation where my monitors at the time were incapable of embracing such frequencies without simply cracking up!”

Many users have commented on the EGGs’ non-fatiguing sound, and Scanner is no different. “They offer a very honest presentation of your sound, with detail, depth but importantly never leave you feeling fatigued listening, which is essential when you have to repeatedly rework projects at times.”

“I also use the system to play back my digital music library when focusing on admin, not creativity, and they cope extremely well with all manner of music blasted through them.”

“For all my recent work they’ve offered an essential way to produce work free of distortion and smearing, whilst evidently capable of handling all kinds of volume. I have especially enjoyed having all the controls readily available on the desk in the cabinet so I can immediately adjust and compare too. They are most definitely a keeper!”

Scanner continues to work on numerous international projects, with his creativity and collaborations ever expanding. You can keep up with to date with Scanner via the following links: