Introducing the Egg100 Monitoring System

At this year's NAMM show in LA, we previewed the Egg100, a new nearfield monitoring system that we'll be releasing in April 2015.

The Egg100 takes the same revolutionary Egg speaker design as the Egg150, housing it in a smaller egg-shaped chassis with a four-inch (100mm) driver.

The Egg100 is ideal for those needing an accurate representation of the mix and stereo image in small rooms where listening distance is, by necessity, short. The Egg100 speakers are designed to sit on a desktop, with the listener sat around a metre or less away.

There are very few monitor speakers that perform like big professional studio monitors at short range, but the Egg100 excel at this. They’ve been engineered to take advantage of the bass energy that is created by placing a speaker onto a hard surface, whilst still maintaining a flat frequency response.

This has enabled us to make a supremely efficient speaker system - the added bass energy results in an equivalent extra 6dB of power - which means they pack a lot of punch for such small speakers, and have incredible bass response. You’ll be amazed!

The MunroSonic Egg100 will be available in April 2015 priced at RRP £1,299.00 inc VAT. If you want to get on the growing waiting list for your FREE LOAN, let us know ASAP, as we’re already booked up for the whole of April and into May!! Simply email us at or call us on +44 (0) 845 500 2 500.