Recording Dave Prowse - The Original Supervillain

MunroSonic EGG150 user Jayce Lewis’s long-time friendship with Dave Prowse, the actor who played Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy, has culminated in the creation of a documentary to find out just how Prowse, whose voice was replaced by James Earl Jones for the films, would have sounded as the voice of Darth Vader.

What was originally set out to be a tutorial video by Jayce for how he uses his studio gear, quickly turned into a landmark documentary to show the world how the Star Wars supervillain could have sounded.

To celebrate the release of the documentary, which you can view in full below, Jayce sat down with us to talk about the difference the EGG150 Monitoring System made in recording and EQing the dark voice of Dave Prowse.

“Recording such an iconic voice, and showing the world Dave’s voice, the original voice of Darth, I wanted to surround myself with the best equipment possible,” said Jayce. “We were using Queens Road Studios in Bridgend, and they have speakers built into the walls, but within 10 minutes of EQ-ing, I’d turned them off and worked exclusively on the EGGs.”

“The EGGs delivered such an accurate and really all-round Hi-Fi sound, crystal clear, and that’s just what I needed. The EGGs became my first-choice speaker, and I’m so in tune with them now, I can’t use anything else. They’re incredible, absolutely incredible.”

“I wanted to get into the mind of Andy Munro, so I made sure I set them up exactly as the manual recommended. And as a result, I’d never heard anything with such clarity. The standard and quality of these speakers is immense.

Jayce Lewis is also known as Protafield, signed to Universal Music. Jayce is using the MunroSonic EGG150 in the studio while recording and mixing the new Protafield album. “I’m currently using the EGGs in the studio and sending the mixes onto my label, Universal. I can’t speak highly enough about the EGGs, they are amazing – a real innovation speaker."

You can watch the documentary 'The Force's Mouth' below: