MunroSonic launched at NAMM 2015 Show in LA

The NAMM show in LA saw the launch of MunroSonic, with the unveiling of the Egg150 Monitoring System and a sneak peak at the upcoming Egg100.

MunroSonic is a new speaker brand brought to you by renowned acoustician Andy Munro, with James Young and Phil Smith of Sonic Distribution. The first collaboration with this team was on the sE Munro Egg150 back in 2011. The system received huge critical acclaim from press and studio professionals alike, and was a major success story in Northern Europe, and especially the UK and Scandinavia.

Some of the biggest names in the UK Music Industry loved the original, and have already upgraded to the brand new system, including Mike Hedges, Gil Norton, Rik Simpson, Steve Bentley-Klein, Robin Rimbaud (Scanner), Chris Porter and many others leading the way by mixing their recent works on this exceptional near and mid-field monitoring system.

So, when looking at ways to develop, improve and refine what many consider to be one of the best monitoring systems ever produced, perhaps it’s no surprise that the search for manufacturing has ended up back where the story first began – in the UK.

What’s new with the MunroSonic Egg150 Monitoring System?

The Egg150 is a fully ‘Active Integrated Monitoring System’, meaning that although the amp, in order to improve speaker chassis performance, is separated from the speakers themselves, the system is designed as a coherent whole with amp and speakers perfectly matched.

We, at MunroSonic, have had a fundamental rethink of loudspeaker engineering, replacing the traditional wooden box with a scientifically proven, curved, chassis that almost completely eliminates diffraction and internal resonance which distort and smear the original sound. The result is incredible clarity that brings the smallest of details into sharp focus, and yet delivers the mix as a coherent whole without any harsh or ‘edgy’ artefacts often associated with ‘revealing’ monitors.

The system comes complete with a separate control unit and amplifier that delivers a perfect bi-amplified power matched to the egg drive units. It features plus source select inputs, active analogue crossovers, LF and HF trim pot EQ for location set-up, and a re-defined, 3 position’ mid-band control switch to emulate the mid-range response of both Hi-Fi and NS10 type speakers.


We have made a number of tweaks and refinements with the new system. The Egg150s have the same base form and function, but sport a brand new Amp PCB design from a collaboration between Andy Munro and UK Military and Aerospace equipment manufacturer Sedgewall (BS EN ISO 9001:2000 certified). The sound of the systems in production is now much closer to the original Gold Standard design by Andy Munro, and while the HF, and essence of the system sound remain very similar to the original, the bass is even tighter and punchier, and the low-mids more open and focussed.

We've also made improvements with exceptionally crafted chassis metal-work and a redefined mid-EQ section based on development input from some of the world’s top producers and engineers already using the original system, and we are proud to say that the MunroSonic Egg 150 system is entirely designed, manufactured, marketed and distributed in the UK, making it a showcase product for UK manufacturing and the UK music industry, on a global stage.

On the separation of the new MunroSonic brand from sE Electronics, Ling Zou of sE Electronics commented "At sE, we've decided to focus our energies on our main product category - microphones. We’ve always been a microphone company, and we feel that’s where our efforts are best placed. Sonic Distribution Ltd, our distribution partner in the UK, have assumed worldwide design, manufacturing, sales, service, and support for all existing Egg products including the existing sE Munro Egg 150 system.”

James Young of MunroSonic and Sonic Distribution says “The Egg speaker project has been a labour of love for the last 5 years, our goal to bring radical new performance and aesthetics to the dusty world of box shaped speakers. What the team has achieved is nothing short of incredible… the reviews and testimonials speak for the brand loud and clear.”

Under the new MunroSonic brand we have a raft of new products set to launch during 2015 and 2016. We have already launched the new and improved MunroSonic Egg 150 system, and the all new MunroSonic Egg 100 system will be shipping during Spring 2015. A new Sub will ship by summer 2015.