Our Egg150 Monitoring System has received incredible reviews from some of the recording industry's most popular and respected publications, including Sound on Sound, MusicTech and Future Music, as well as online communities such as AskAudioMag and Pro Tools Expert.

DJ Mag - June 2016  


“The crispness of the sound. They have
a strong flat frequency response which has really helped our mixes progress, and we have noticed the difference on quite a level since moving across to them. They also look great too, and the separate amplifier with a silver finish is a nice touch.”


“The build quality is great. They are
a cool sturdy design and they come with their own rubber stands, which makes them perfect for placing how you like."


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Future Music - April 2015




“This is certainly one of the best sounding pairs of speakers I've ever tried."

“…the whole thing is beautifully constructed and remarkably consistent.”

“These are serious contenders for the best monitors in their price range, and perhaps even beyond.”

Build: 10/10             Value: 9/10

Ease of use: 10/10     Versatility: 9/10

Results: 10/10

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MusicTech - March 2015




"...an exceptional sound field, with instruments really occupying specific positions in space around the studio..."

"...an excellent choice for project studios who are on a budget that might not want to invest in multiple monitors, but still want a high-end solution."

"...a solid improvement on an already great pair of monitors."

"The Soft, hi-fi mode, which cuts the midrange, made the monitors easy to listen to for long periods..."

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Sound on Sound - January 2015


“In terms of quality these monitors are up against the best in class, which includes models from ATC, ATI, Genelec, Neumann and PMC.”

“...the Eggs tick all the right boxes..."

"They make good mixes sound great, but reveal every flaw in imperfect ones, just as an effective monitor should.”

“The Eggs sound like much bigger monitors than their appearance suggests, with confident lows which don’t suffer from flabby over-tuning”

“Excellent sound quality; detailed and 3 dimensional without being harsh”

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AskAudioMag.com - February 2015

"I tested some commercial tracks I’ve mixed and mastered myself and so am very familiar with and heard stuff in there that I’d not realized was there."

"...I could definitely pick out a few things that I would do differently were I mixing from scratch on this system."

"The Egg 150s will give you a very accurate picture of your mixes, with a good solid bass and very detailed mids and top ends."

"...if you’re serious about your production...I’d very much recommend checking the Egg 150s out."

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Pro Tools Expert - November 2014

"Immediately the Eggs came across as clean and it felt like a veil had been lifted, not just frequency response wise, but detail and stereo imaging wise too."

"The stereo imaging of the Egg 150 system is simply amazing and so precise. I thought my LS3/5a speakers were good, but these Eggs, made my Rogers sound like cheap tatty speakers."

"...I have to say the Eggs are amazing."

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Interface (NL) - July 2015

"The system certainly offers value for money and the sound excels in 'coming loose from the speakers'. Due to that feature alone, the eggs are definitely worth considering."

"The monitors are easily setup in place thanks to the redesigned flexible foot that allows them to focus precisely at ear level. When you look from the listening position right in the bright light you know that the monitors are spot-oriented."

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Audio Technology - July 2015

"Audition the EGG150s immediately."

"The results are fantastic."

"Oh the detail! I’ve not heard such a consolidated stereo image from monitors in this price range (or from many more expensive models for that matter)."

"Top-end reproduction is extremely smooth..."

"Exhilarating stereo imaging."

"Balanced, well controlled listening experience."

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