Our brand new EGG100 Monitoring System has already received some great reviews from some of the pro audio industry and HiFi industry's most respected publications, such as Sound On Sound, MusicTech, Future Music, HiFi Choice and more. Scroll down to read on.

Maximum PC - July 2016

“Incredible sound quality”

“...beautifully crafted perfection”

They’re crisp
and beautifully well balanced, with an
incredibly vast soundscape. The bass is
well rounded and intuitively pronounced
in more synthetic or electronic musical

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HiFi Choice - November 2015


Sound On Sound - Sept 2015


MusicRadar - July 2015


“What happens from about 70Hz is truly extraordinary..."

“...you’re unlikely to hear better focus, speed and timing...”

“Sublime rendering of timbral texture & colour & a stunningly low noise floor that allows notes & ambient reverberation to decay into inky blackness seem impossibly ‘high-end’ given the modest price of the system.”

"...the EGGs are a dream to listen to for long periods..."


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“Well balanced, non-fatiguing sound.”

“Excellent bass extension for such a small driver.”

“High-quality British engineering.”

“The EGG100s deliver a high level of accuracy at adequate levels for nearfield listening.”

"...the EGG100s hold their own against anything else in the same price range.”

“The can play louder than you’d probably ever need them to in a nearfield setup, and they stay clean up to surprisingly high volumes, given the small drivers.”

“The bass extension is impressive, with greater ‘tightness’ and control than you might expect from a small speaker.”

“...the mids and highs come across as detailed yet smooth...”

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"Stunning visually and sonically."

"...sets the bar for compact nearfields."

“Lovely stereo imaging."

"Low frequencies are clear and punchy and low frequency extension is good for their size."

"[The EGG100] package oozes quality in so many ways."

"These are some of best compact nearfields we've tried. 4.5/5"

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AskAudioMag.com - June 2015

“Striking Design. Excellent Build Quality. Amazing Reproduction.”

“…a very serious monitoring system…”

“A beautifully balanced system capable of crystal clear sound reproduction, tight but powerful bass and excellent stereo imaging.”

“...the Egg100s were able to cope well with a variety of styles of music, picking out the nuances of jazz but also with a weighty and focused bass end that gave plenty of heft to dubstep and techno.”

“The fact that they are relatively compact doesn’t hinder the sound, but is helpful when desk space is at a premium.”

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MusicTech Magazine - August 2015

DJ Mag - Sept 2015

"Excellent soundstage and transient response"

"The bottom-end seemed to be just right"

"...with plenty of spatial detail, finding a space for each [musical] element [in our mix] was quite simple."

"For anyone working in a small room, the EGG100 system is a great option..."

"With more and more of our time spent in small spaces, systems such as the EGG100 are a necessity..."

"...it's a good idea to invest in a great system such as this."


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"The EGG100s are built to deliver a perfect audio dispersion in a confined space, allowing for a more accurate mix environment."

"...a rather handy headphone amplifier, which is a brilliant addition in its own right."

"The sound-field is amazing. The accuracy will transform your mixes."

"the accuracy and performance of these small monitors was truly unbelievable."

"...the EGG100 is a monitoring system that needs to be seriously looked at. "


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KR Home Studio (FR) - July 2015

"The manufacturing is of impeccable quality...the speakers are peerless."

"The absence of parallel surfaces in the EGGs eliminates standing waves, and thus improves the intelligibility of bass and mid frequencies."

"These speakers have many technical strengths in the form of optimisations for precise and transparent sound reproduction."

"Andy Munro has created a headphone amplifier with much musicality."

"The manufacturer treated every detail that one notices, both for the quality of the components and the choice of connectivity."

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George Walker Petit (Producer, Engineer, Composer & Musician)  - August 2015

“...the MunroSonic EGG100 near-field studio monitors are just knocking me out.  As my ‘main alternate’ speakers, they are making my work easier, and my product better.”

“[Andy Munro] is a wizard, with extensive experience and an impeccable reputation, plain and simple.”

“I was immediately struck by the fantastic stereo image – the sound stage, the depth of field and, good heavens, the focus and clarity of the EGGs.“

“Even the packaging screams: Quality.”

“I went for the Red ones, another smart move as they make me smile when I see them in the morning.”

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